Prosthetics Zipper
Prosthetics Zipper

Prosthetics Zipper

Media: Silicon, latex, custom blood mix, metal, fibreglass.

These are still images from a stop motion (pixeleation) short film  directed by Ania Smolenski that I did the special effects prosthetics on.

Summary: Guy getting ready for work unzips his chest, washes his intestines in the sink, and zips back up.

Summary of Prosthetics: 1 small zipper prostetic attached to actor. 1 fake chest with second zipper, 8 feet of latex intestine.

Camera: Chris Belchevski.
Makeup: Crystal Pallister

Process: (the rubber bits) I made the zipper from scratch as I didn't like any that we found at the stores. They were all too small (tooth wise) and I didn't think they'd attach very well. When in doubt, save hours of searching and just make the damn thing.

The fake chest was cast in silicon rubber and used so the camera could cut between the real chest and fake when the intestines were being pulled out.  Shawn didn't want his stomach cut open for real for some reason... I did a lifecast directly from Shawn (actor) and then spent some time modifying it for the zipper before the final cast.

The intestines were cast in boring old latex as we needed 8 feet and the budget didn't allow for 8 feet of silicon intestines.

Yes folks, he is unzipping his chest.... enjoy..