Parkinsons online Banner - Loss of Identity - Silver Medal.

Client: Globe & Mail Young Lions

The banner You use your mouse to try and sign but you can't the Y-Axis is flipped. Parkinsons Doesn't simply block signals, many times it misinterprets.
Every year the Globe & Mail has a competition called 'Young Lions'. It's tied to Cannes.
The idea is that at 9am you're given the client, in this case Parkinsons canada, and you create either a TV Spot, Print ad, or Online ad in 24 hours.
Benson Ngo and I worked till midnight on this (24 hours is nuts) from concept to execution. We both created the concept, then Benson handled design and I handled flash programming.
We won Silver for this which we're pretty happy with as it was our first time entering and there were over 200 competing.