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Posted on Saturday January 10, 2015 in News, Personal

I’ve been working in secrecy on PolyIO (Polygon Input Output) for the last year, getting faster, better, making multiple products at once with ease.

I’m really proud of everything I’ve created. I took everything I’ve learned from previous work and projects, and combined it into my best work yet.

The first product I’m launching for this company is the one I’ve been working on the longest. I think it turned out great and works amazingly.

I think its origins make for quite the story as well.

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2014 year in review

Posted on Thursday January 01, 2015 in News, Personal

What a great year. Somehow every year just gets better. I’d be lying though if I said this year started perfectly. It didn’t.

In early 2014 I left the company I started (Matterform), which was sad. I’d worked so hard to create the company, the product and the launch, but leaving was required in order for me to continue developing new products.

But I had no shortage of projects tossed my way immediately, even before official word got out I’d left. I did some very cool work for Budweiser - it was nice to follow up the Budweiser Redlight with some more great projects for them. If you haven’t seen the Budlight Living Phone or Sneakers I made, check my portfolio.

I’m making new artwork as well. It’s wonderful to get back to that again. I’ve got some new pieces I’ve been wanting to do for a long time, but just hadn’t had time to do them. Right now I’m working on 2 new works. In the past I’ve had employers or partners tell me I can’t make art because it might affect any company I am affiliated with. Now I represent me, and only me, and can make what I want. Any reactions, either positive or negative, will reflect only on me.

I’m now the sole owner of a new company. My first new product is launching early in 2015, and there are another 15 products in the works.

I’m a very hands on person. Outsourcing to China and then doing paperwork just isn’t for me. I’m happy to hire an accountant to do the paperwork day in and day out, and spend my time working on projects I’m passionate about. I’ve become a one man army! People are sceptical that one person can design a product, manufacture and assemble it, design the website, brand it, advertise, and promote it. On behalf of the maker community, I’m ready to challenge that scepticism. 3D has been my passion for over 17 years now, starting with learning 3DS Max in a friends basement back in highschool, to stacks of 3D World magazines, dusty SGI systems, one of the first Makerbot Cupcakes, and then launching my own 3D scanner company 2 years ago. I’m ready for the next step.

On a non work related note, I proposed to the love of my life and best friend (she said yes) and got engaged. We also moved to a house on the beach, which has been the most amazing living experience ever. I never want to move. When not designing things we’re out on the water kayaking, paddle boarding or floating.

I remember being a geek back in highschool, and how that wasn’t considered cool. I don’t know - I ride motorcycles, kayak, launch products and companies, live on the water and I’m marrying the woman of my dreams. Being a geek has worked out pretty great if you ask me.

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