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Print the Legend now on Netflix.

Posted on Tuesday September 30, 2014 in 3D Printing

This Documentary about 3D printing companies is for sure worth the watch. I’ll say right off the bat I found it interesting to see that Makerbot was actually Zak Hoeken’s idea, who was then pushed out of the company that was his dream in the first place. I guess that happens a lot in the business world. This movie was very clear about what sort of person would do that, and what personality traits they have. Ultimately, no one stays at the top forever - someone is always waiting to push them aside. This happened there too.

It seems Hollywood likes to glorify pirates only, so it was nice to see a doc that showed both sides of the story. Perhaps deception is what’s needed to succeed now. Maybe the crazy inventor introverts will never be the people that can run companies, but as a crazy inventor introvert, I’d like to think it’s possible to invent something and not have it ripped away from you like that. It should be possible to invent something, form a company, and then just run it with honesty and integrity. There must be some out there somewhere.

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Sneak peak!

Posted on Monday September 15, 2014 in Prototype, Sculpture

I’ve been working on ... I can’t even count how many projects. I love it! Here’s a sneak peak at one I’m doing for myself. It won’t be done anytime soon. I squeeze in a few hours here or there to work on it when I can, but I think when it’s finished, it’ll blow people’s minds. You can see from this is that it looks like a 3D town. No, it’s not a videogame, and that’s all I’ll say for now. I’ll keep you guessing. It might take me a year or two to finish it at this rate!

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