Blog entries from October, 2014

Happy Halloween!

Posted on Friday October 31, 2014 in Personal

We went as sackboy/sackgirl this year and won couples prize for best costume at the Silver Snail. Silver Snail always has a great halloween party. We threw these together in only a couple hours, but most of the costumes there looked like people spent months on them. They were all really great quality. I don’t think ours was as good as half of them, but I think we got attention because of how noticeable ours were. Bigger is better I guess.

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Makerbot store visit.

Posted on Tuesday October 07, 2014 in 3D Printing

We’re in Boston on our road trip, so we stopped by the Makerbot store. I have to say I think it’s neat to see an entire store based around 3d printing, and I’d wager they’ll become more widespread. For now, I think it’s a great way for people to see and experience the technology.

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MIT museum

Posted on Monday October 06, 2014 in Personal

We’re on a vacation road trip through New England/east coast USA for the next 2 weeks. New York, Vermont, Cape Cod, Rhode Island, etc. Before we hit Salem (Salem in October? I love halloween!) we stopped by MIT and the MIT museum.
It was really interesting to see all the robots and other amazing projects in various states of completeness. The museum was small but MIT was very inspiring.

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