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GPS RC car drone

Posted on Wednesday July 23, 2014 in Prototype, Electronics

My friend Rob and I are out today with an RC car of his, rigged up with a GPS receiver so that we can program in a route for it and have it drive that path automatically.  I love fun little projects like this.  No rhyme or reason, just experimenting to learn something new.  It worked!  We drew a path on the map and the car followed it and drove around all on its own.  Cool stuff.  What practical use would there be for it?  Filming, perhaps.  What if you could draw a path and then have a computer controlled dolly car move the camera around?  Automated seed planting perhaps?  I’m sure there’s lots of potential uses for drone technology, but for us, the use was fun.

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Home-made 3D printed curtain rod

Posted on Friday July 18, 2014 in 3D Printing

Well, we’re still moving into our new home on the beach and we needed curtains for the bedroom. We already had the curtains, but lacked any way to hang them up.
Just go to the store and buy a rod and holder you say. I’m a bit nutty so I thought, it’ll probably take an hour just to drive out, choose them, drive home, so instead, why not make them for free? There was an abandoned wooden rod in our basement, so I designed the rod holders and round ends in about 10 minutes and then 3d printed them. Printing them took some time, but I didn’t need to do anything, the machine did it all. So as far as I’m concerned that’s 10 minutes out of my day vs 1 hour. 3d printing for the win!

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Genpets traffic, still stirring debates

Posted on Thursday July 03, 2014 in Artwork

I made the Genpets sculpture series 8 years ago and I’m happy to say they’re still going strong. It’s actually quite amazing. Traffic-wise sometimes things spike but I’m still seeing 100,000+ page views per day. Some days more, some less, but it seems to hover around that.

I work in advertising, and in most cases entire campaigns with millions of dollars thrown at them never see the kind of web traffic my art sees in a week (and yet in most cases I’m shushed in ad meetings when I try to bring up ideas - haha, oh well, their loss.)

I’m happy to see it’s in most cases eliciting the reaction I’d hoped to see - shock, revulsion, and then curiosity, prompting people to dig deeper into biotech, what’s going on in the field, and talking through these issues and where the technology could one day lead.

On a side note I still think it’s an interesting experiment in displaying art outside of the contemporary gallery system. Yes, I’m all for showing in galleries, and have on many occasions worldwide, but you’d be hard pressed to tell me I can show at ANY gallery and get 20,000 to 100,000 eyes on it per day. Is it the same experience as seeing them in person? No, of course not. Both experiences are very different, and I’d argue they’re almost like separate works. In person they move, lights blink, and you’re up close with something breathing that feels real. It can frankly be quite creepy seeing them all lined up. The website is much more text heavy, with a deliberately coy and sleazy corporate hard sell nature to it that is just as creepy without the physicality of the Genpets. (I tried to mimic the type of promotion/advertising that would be used if the Genpets were actually real).

I’ve actually left Genpets humming along on it’s own for quite sometime and taken a break from showing them, but reviewing the traffic logs and seeing how many millions of people are visiting the site of late has inspired me to work on a new piece of art. (shoehorned between other projects). I love to work on lots of things at once when it comes to my own projects. I’m never in much of a rush unless it’s a client project.

Thanks to everyone that’s supported the work or simply looked at it over the years.

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