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Updated prototype. Now with Magnetic locking!

Posted on Thursday December 04, 2014 in 3D Printing, Prototype

In my original prototype the kickstand wasn’t functional yet. I needed something to convey the look and feel and make sure all were happy before really digging in deeper on the design. To make the kickstand function correctly on this prototype I’ve added magnets. This helps the spring pull it into position after sliding the release clip, but also locks it in position strongly enough that the unit can stand on its own without issues. At first I imagined making the kickstand lock through plastic parts inside that would allow it to click into place, but after seeing the magnetic version in action it just feels so much better and works faster. I’m really happy with this change.

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Posted on Tuesday December 02, 2014 in 3D Printing, Prototype, Electronics

A mere 13 days after I sketched this in a coffee shop with a team member sitting next to me, a pair of these prototypes are here on my desk in real life. Aluminum, plastic, professionally printed circuit boards from my design files, magnets, springs. etc. I love how fast I can go now from concept to reality - manufacturing really is a changing landscape. I have some tweaks to make and I have to redesign and print a few small parts today, but hey, I'm happy with the super fast progress so far and how clean it’s looking already.

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Another Project

Posted on Saturday November 15, 2014 in 3D Printing, Prototype

This is a very rough sketch of an assembly I’m designing for a new product I’m collaborating on.  I’ve designed multiple versions but I like this one the best I think. I’ve worked on about 20 products over the last year, and with practice I’ve become super fast at taking things from concept to finished version ready for production. I thought this went very quickly and turned out really well. I’ve got final tweaks to do yet, and use scenarios may dictate changing the design, but I’m happy with this version of it.

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Sneak peek at my new product 03

Posted on Monday November 10, 2014 in Prototype

For the new product I’m launching for my own company I needed some metal parts - this was the first time I’ve designed custom aluminum parts for a personal project. It was quite exciting getting a box of them in the mail. And no, it’s not a spatula or fly swatter. It’s far more exciting than that. haha. More to come...

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Sneak peek at my new product 02

Posted on Saturday November 08, 2014 in Prototype

Well I’m just going to tease a bit more. We just started shooting a video demo of the new product I’m designing and getting ready to launch. I’m very excited about the launch, and working with Jeremy Thompson again. Jeremy shot the video for the launch of our Matter and Form scanner also as a favor to me, so I owe him double big time now.

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Sneak peek at my new product 01

Posted on Saturday November 01, 2014 in Prototype, Electronics

I won’t say too much, other than that it’s purple and it’s my design.. and it’s part of something big coming soon. I like printing circuit boards at home, but I LOVE getting them professionally printed in gold.

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Sneak peak!

Posted on Monday September 15, 2014 in Prototype, Sculpture

I’ve been working on ... I can’t even count how many projects. I love it! Here’s a sneak peak at one I’m doing for myself. It won’t be done anytime soon. I squeeze in a few hours here or there to work on it when I can, but I think when it’s finished, it’ll blow people’s minds. You can see from this is that it looks like a 3D town. No, it’s not a videogame, and that’s all I’ll say for now. I’ll keep you guessing. It might take me a year or two to finish it at this rate!

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Budweiser Redlight secret project

Posted on Thursday August 28, 2014 in 3D Printing, Prototype, Advertising, Electronics

Well look here, one of the Budweiser Redlights I helped originally design and launch came home.  Why?  Some secret modifications.  I gutted this unit and built all new electronics for it so it can work in a different way -  there’s a microphone on the front, some new leds, a new cpu and that’s really all I can say for now.

(This blog post was only visible long after the work was done for secrecy) 

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GPS RC car drone

Posted on Wednesday July 23, 2014 in Prototype, Electronics

My friend Rob and I are out today with an RC car of his, rigged up with a GPS receiver so that we can program in a route for it and have it drive that path automatically.  I love fun little projects like this.  No rhyme or reason, just experimenting to learn something new.  It worked!  We drew a path on the map and the car followed it and drove around all on its own.  Cool stuff.  What practical use would there be for it?  Filming, perhaps.  What if you could draw a path and then have a computer controlled dolly car move the camera around?  Automated seed planting perhaps?  I’m sure there’s lots of potential uses for drone technology, but for us, the use was fun.

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RED paddleboard adaptor

Posted on Friday June 06, 2014 in 3D Printing, Prototype, 3D Scanning

Crazy little side project for fun.
Red paddleboards are pretty great, but if you need to inflate a few of them at a time you might need an electric pump. But there’s no adaptor to do that - until now!  I designed and 3D printed a small adaptor that fits onto an electric pump to the red paddleboard air intake.
I used a 3D Scanner to get an admittedly very rough and not so great scan of the adaptor, and then remodeled it. The scan was good for getting some base measurements anyways.

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Experiments with resin printing.

Posted on Thursday March 20, 2014 in 3D Printing, Prototype

I just haven’t been getting results I’m happy with from standard 3D printers using filament so I’ve set to experimenting with resin based printing. So far, the results have been nothing short of amazing. The quality I’m getting from some cobbled together parts far surpasses anything I’ve seen from any other home 3D printer that’s filament based.  I’m in love.

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