3D printing a Tyrannosaurus Rex dinosaur skull

Posted on Sunday November 23, 2014 in 3D Printing

I find I use my 3D printer mostly for personal or client work (inventions, products, prototypes, etc). I always have fun making products, but I rarely just print things FOR fun that do not serve a specific purpose. I decided to just print something frivolous. I’ve wanted a large t-rex skull on display for quite some time, but they can be kind of expensive and not great quality in most cases anyways, so why buy one? This is printed from a 3d scan I downloaded, and not finished yet. It’s about 1/5th scale (30cm long) and printed in 9 parts. Almost all 3d printers have fairly small print areas so it’s going to need a lot of filler and sanding, but when I’m done, I expect it’ll look great. I’ll update more on this later. It’ll have to sit in my queue with other projects and slowly progress.

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