Hologram Adam - Vintage 3D LASER SCAN

Posted on Tuesday June 24, 2014 in Artwork, Personal, 3D Scanning

Yeah that’s right, a vintage 3D laser scan of myself from a decade ago.. read on.

I got a call from Michael Paige over at the Photon League telling me he’d found something of mine that I might be interested in, so I took a trip over to find out what exactly it was.
When I got there I parked my FZ6 (motorcycle) next to a Ural (also motorcycle). I’ve always wanted a Dnepr or a Ural, but the right opportunity just hasn’t presented itself yet. Urals are those old military sidecar motorcycles, like in Indiana Jones 3. Ahh, they look like fun. Anyways, ramble story short, it was actually Michael’s bike.

After some shop talk and bike talk he pulled out a hologram I’d made in the lab almost 10 years ago. Now, real holograms, are gorgeous things. Everyone has experienced those silver, shiny holograms - they’re not so impressive. The glass ones though, oh boy. They have so much depth and detail to them it appears that you’re looking at a real object on the other side. An object lit entirely in red, but real all the same. And it just happened to be a hologram of me!

Yes, even a decade ago back in university I was making 3D things with lasers. Really, nothing has changed.

On a side note, I really don’t think I look any different at 32 then I did at 23. here’s a video of the hologram, but clearly my video won’t capture the or quality depth of the 3D image.

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